Dark Theme Tab


When people spend long days in front of their computers they often strain their eyes because of the long exposure to bright screen. With Dark Theme Tab you will be able to automatically view any website in dark mode and save your eyes.

Each time you open a new browser tab, this extension will make sure your new tab opens in dark mode and when you search the web, your websites will also be shown in dark mode. Also we provide your with a handy search bar that lets you quickly search for information through Microsoft Bing search engine and quick links to popular sites.

Download the extension and then open a new tab and browser any site directly from the Dark Theme Tab extension.

By clicking "Continue", I accept and agree to installing the Dark Theme Tab extension and setting Chrome™ New Tab to that provided by the service with search results by Microsoft Bing and the Privacy and Terms of Use


Dark Theme Tab

Also as an added feature you will get

  • Dark mode by default
  • Handy accessible search bar<>/li>
  • Handy quick links to popular sites
  • Displays current time
  • Search your desired information, images, video, and more through Microsoft Bing search